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Nephrolepis Falcata

Family Name: Lomariopsidaceae
Common Name: Fish-Tail Fern
                             Weeping Sword Fern
Synonym: Nephrolepis Serrata var. Furcans
                   Nephrolepis Falcataforma Furcans
                   Nephrolepis Biserrata 'Furcans'
                   Nephrolepis Falcata 'Furcans'

The fronds of Nephrolepis exaltata are 50–250 cm long and 6–15 cm broad, with the small "leaflets" on either side of the midrib, each pinna being 2–8 cm long. The pinnae are generally deltoid.The pinnate vein pattern is also visible on these highly compound leaves. The edges appear slightly serrate.
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